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Skin Rejuvenation

Sun, skin disorders, aging and even heredity can all contribute to skin irregularities on the face and elsewhere on the body. These include textural irregularities like wrinkles and acne scars, pigmentation changes like freckles, sunspots or visible blood vessels. In addition, skin may lose tone, feel less firm and lose the healthy glow that is evident in younger skin.

The specific type of treatment that will best address your concerns are determined after a consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Most skin treatments require a series of treatments and a multi-modality approach to achieving excellent results. Most importantly, the patient must be committed to protecting his or her skin going forward so that the results achieved will be longer lasting.

Treatments Available

Chemical Peel Or D’OR 24 K Gold Mask

LED Light Therapy & Chemical Peel

D’OR 24K Gold Mask

LED Light Therapy & D’OR 24K Gold Mask