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Removing Permanent Eyebrows

Unfortunately, sometimes permanent eyebrow makeup is performed by an unskilled master and the quality of the result leaves much to be desired. It also happens that the client regretted the procedure and wants to get rid of the tattoo. For this, there is laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup. It allows you to completely remove the pigment and lighten it – the number of sessions also depends on the final goal. Complete laser tattoo removal can take a year. This is a difficult process in which it is impossible to predict in advance how the paint will behave – especially since most girls come to the procedure after several corrections, in which more and more new pigment is added.

P.S : Pease choose a permanent makeup master very well, it is much faster to do the procedure and get new eyebrows, but the removal procedures will take a very long and painful time if you have chosen an unqualified master.