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Radio wave lifting – RF Lifting

Radio wave lifting is aimed at restoring the frame of the lifting fibers.

RF is short for Radio Frequency, which means electrical current in the radio frequency range. RF – impulses, passing through tissues and meeting resistance, cause heating of tissue structures up to 40-42C °, in particular, collagen and elastin, which are of a protein nature. Protein is known to fold and harden when exposed to heat. So the collagen molecules fold into tight spirals, providing the skin with a powerful lifting effect. In addition, radio frequency exposure triggers the lipolysis process in the subcutaneous fat, as a result of which fat is broken down into glycerol and fatty acids. The products of such decay are easily excreted from the body, being processed in the liver.

Multipolar systems

Multipolar RF-lifting devices use from 3 to 20 electrodes located at a close distance from each other in one handpiece, but only 2 electrodes are turned on at the same time, during the procedure they are alternately switched according to the scheme programmed by the manufacturer. The multipolar mode of operation should provide an improvement in the distribution of energy in the tissues, a more uniform and safe effect.

Radio wave lifting makes the body more toned and elastic, and the skin is dense and even (the severity of stretch marks decreases). If rf face lifting is performed, wrinkles and skin flabbiness disappear, skin elasticity and definition of contours return. The results achieved will last for two to three years.

Radiofrequency face lifting is used for:

➢ ptosis (drooping) of facial tissues;
➢ aging skin;
➢ wrinkles around the eyes, the so-called “crow’s feet”;
➢ gray, dull complexion;
➢ change of the face contour, “double chin”, etc .;
➢ “bags” and dark circles under the eyes, puffiness of the face;
➢ photoaging;
➢ pronounced mimic wrinkles;
➢ rosacea, vascular network;
➢ post-acne.

RF body lifting (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) is used for:

➢ cellulite (fibrous and edematous);
➢ loss of skin elasticity, sagging skin;
➢ the presence of stretch marks on the skin;
➢ excessive local fatty deposits;
➢ photoaging of the skin;
➢ puffiness.

What is the non-surgical RF lifting?

The RF skin lifting procedure is based on the action of electromagnetic pulses that can cause heating of tissue structures in the affected area (locally).

This method has been used for quite a long time in various medical industries, and has recently come to cosmetology and has already managed to win millions of fans around the world. It’s all about the effectiveness of combating such common female problems as wrinkles, skin laxity, cellulite and stretch marks.

Radiofrequency (radio wave) lifting helps to expand blood vessels and capillaries, improve microcirculation, restore vascular wall permeability and increase their elasticity, eliminate blood stagnation in capillaries.

A pronounced facelift without surgery becomes possible due to the activation of fibroblast synthesis, the production of elastin and collagen. With local heating, collagen molecules are “compressed”, which allows you to instantly increase the elasticity of the skin and start the natural mechanisms of its rejuvenation.

RF body lifting and powerful anti-cellulite effect are achieved through lipolysis processes under the influence of radio frequency radiation. As a result, fats are broken down and the products of their breakdown are naturally excreted from the body.

The procedure does not violate the integrity of the skin.

Required number of procedures:

As a rule, the course consists of 10-15 sessions. The intervals between sessions are 5-7 days.

It is important that the effect is noticeable immediately after the first session. Within six months after the course, the effect will not decrease, but accumulate.

Remember that the results of radio wave lifting last much longer if you have proper nutrition, sufficient level of physical activity, absence of bad habits, etc.