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Carbon Peeling

What is laser carbon peeling?

Carbon peeling is a cosmetic procedure for rejuvenation and deep cleansing of the skin under the influence of a laser. Also known as carbon peeling through the use of a special carbon-based nanogel (carbon dioxide). Often this procedure is called “carbonic face cleansing” because of deep cleansing of the pores and recommendations for use in patients with acne (although not in the acute stage). In addition, under the laser influence, the production of own collagen in the epidermis is stimulated, due to which the skin gains elasticity.

Features of the procedure

To carry out carbon peeling, the cosmetologist applies nanogel, waits for it to dry completely, and after that it begins to affect the skin with a laser. After a soothing mask is applied. The whole procedure takes 45-60 minutes. Usually, to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to do 4-5 procedures with intervals of 1-2 weeks. The cosmetologist will be able to determine exactly by evaluating the condition of the skin and the desired effect after peeling.

Mechanism of action

What gives carbon peeling?

When the laser interacts with the nanogel, the epidermis warms up, the carbons seem to “explode”, exfoliating the dead cells. Thus, the skin is renewed and the pores are cleaned.


What is carbon peeling for?

It is recommended to do it with the following skin problems:

  • first signs of aging;
  • traces after acne;
  • increased fat content;
  • dull complexion;
  • pigmentation;
  • rosacea;
  • comedones.

The laser peeling procedure with carbon nanogel is well tolerated by all skin types, but is most suitable for oily skin, as it solves a number of key problems: it reduces sebum secretion, narrows and cleanses pores, and evens out relief after inflammation.

What results to expect after carbon peeling?

After a course of carbon peeling procedures, cosmetologists promise the effect of a “porcelain doll” – smooth, radiant skin. Due to the effect of the laser on the deeper layers of the skin, the process of production of our own collagen is activated, the complexion improves, and the number of wrinkles decreases.